Saturday, February 15, 2014

Big Online News Portal in Indonesia

They are Okezone team. Okezone dot com is one of most popular news portal in Indonesia.

Jokowi as a Rising Leader from Men's Obsession Decade Awards Magazine

There are some Indonesian figures who received award from Men's Obsession Decade Awards Magazine. They are:

Jokowi (Governor of Jakarta): rising leader
Hanura Wiranto (Chief of Hanura Party): patriot leader
Akbar Tandjung (Senior politician from Golkar Party): fighter leader
Surya Paloh (Chief of Nasdem Party): inspirational leader
Djoko Suyanto (Minister of Menko POLHUKAM): peacekeeping
Hatta Rajasa (Minister of Menko Economy: economic leader


Picture: tribunnews in

Friday, February 14, 2014

Indonesian Tourism Morotai

It’s Dodola Island, Morotai in North Maluku.
We can expose oneself to the sun by seeing the most beautiful blue sky. We also can play water on the sea with its limpidity.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Indonesian Celebrity Goes to Oxford University, Maudy Ayunda

Celebrity does not only survive with a beautiful face, but knowledge and skill too. Rumor says that some celebrities only ‘sell’ their beauty is not full true because I read there are some celebrities who are diligent to read.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Indonesia Bontang River Water Becomes Red Color

Indonesia has some miracles in the world. The newest one is Bontang River water becomes red color 11 February 2014. It’s located in East Kalimantan.

The scarce phenomenon caused some people fear, but some else enjoy it as a tour object. So, what the real reason does cause the phenomenon? Till now, I don’t get the information more completely.

Two notions appear: it may be cause by waste from company paint or natural phenomenon.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Most Beautiful Indonesian Actress and Hollywood Actress Maudy Koesnaedi

She is Maudy Koesnaedi. Her nickname is Maudy. I began to know her in Si Doel film. She plays role a girl friend of Rano Karno, a vice governor of Banten now.

She looks very beautiful, elegant, and respectful. Her dress respect ethic, from young till know (what I know).

Someday, she got a chance to visit Hollywood actresses. She also joined in Bollywood program there. Some Indonesian people are proud of her in the program because using Indonesian design for her dress.

“Indonesian design goes to world….!”


Most Beautiful and Clever Actress from Indonesia Dian Sastro Wardoyo

She is Dian Sastro Wardoyo. I know her by name Dian Sastro. She looks very beautiful and clever. I ever watched a quiz program in a national television that is hosted by her.

She reached Festival Film Internasional Singapura (Singapore International Film Festival) award as the best actress in Pasir Berbisik film in 2002.



Jokowi Blusukan in Jakarta, Megawati Blusukan in Indonesia

Recently, many Indonesia people have a new unique leader Joko Widodo (Jokowi) as a governor of DKI Jajarta (capital of Indonesia). He is very famous with “blusukan” program. By the program, he goes around Jakarta till dirty places to create solution.

But, I just realize that blusukan (going to outlying places) is not made in Jokowi only. His former Megawati did it earlier.

Jokowi does blusukan in Jakarta and Solo. While according to Kwik Kian Gie, Megawati did blusukan by visiting about 300 party branches of PDIP using small ship.

One more from Kwik Kian Gie, when many people were being sacrilege Soeharto, she didn’t want to participate there. Even in a speech forum, she recommended people to stop blasphemy to Soeharto. I’m proud of her.



Difference of Campaign in Indonesia and Japan

Campaign in Japan is simpler than in Indonesia. In Indonesia, we often see much promotion, such as banners on a tree, street banners, advertisement in radio, advertisement in television, and others.

In Japan, campaign uses portable microphone besides street or intersection, no special space.

My lecture also said that in Japan, campaign teams sometimes meet workers in their office to introduce their programs.

Will Indonesia implement Japanese campaign system? Do they use many banners because Indonesia has wide areas?
I think, although Indonesia campaign can’t be same with Japan’s, minimally Indonesia does campaign efficiently.


Talented Singer and Host from Indonesia Soimah


She is Soimah Pancawati. Her nickname is Soimah. Today she becomes a host in a television program. She looks multi talents.

Her dominant talent is singing and joking. She can sing with highest voice, but constantly smooth. She is often over laugh with high scream. It looks uncontrolled.

But many Indonesian people like her, including old people. One of her uniqueness is able to sing traditional songs, especially Javanese songs.

Today, she more frequently shows with performance as below: