Monday, February 10, 2014

Indonesia Has Two Genius Habibie


He is B. J. Habibie, a president of Indonesia 1998. He is well known a genius  man with specialization “plane”. Even probably many people of German know him because he lived in Germany for long time.

I hear that he is also the best prince of Soeharto. Soeharto is proud of Habibie. But I don’t have valid source about it. What I know, he is a vice president of Soeharto too.

One more, a genius Habibie. Let me say he is a young Habibie. He is a success internet marketer, especially in Amazon affiliation. Although he doesn’t have physical as usual man, but he is diligent and smart to run his business from his house.

Sometimes, I called him as a Stephen Hawking from Indonesia. I see two of them are same. They can carve the world from each wheelchair.


His full name is Habibie Afsyah, an inspiring figure from Indonesia.

What’s Philosophy? Definition of Philosophy and Islam Philosophy

Philosophy is often viewed most difficult to learn and to practice. Lexically, philosophy is “to love wisdom”. It’s from thought tradition of ancient Greek.

What is philosophy?
According to a philosopher father Socrates, it is: “What is human and what is highest goodness for human?”

Most Beautiful Tea Garden Scenery in Pangalengan Bandung Indonesia

It’s a tea garden in Pangalengan, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. If I go to my village, I usually pass this road and scenery. It has fresh weather and condition. Cool and mountain situation accompany me when driving a motorcycle.

Here, we also enjoy a beautiful lake. It’s Cileunca Lake. I pass the green view to go to my house in Cisewu, Garut.

Not only through Pangalengan, we also can enjoy such scenery through Garut Kota. There is Cikajang tea garden. It’s most similar to Pangalengan scenery. But public transportation through Pangalengan is more than through Cikajang.

I see there are people who pass Pangalengan to visit an excellent beach, Rancabuaya by driving motorcycle groups or road-show cars (sport cars).

I hear there are tourists who visit Rancabuaya, especially domestic tourists. But I guess there are foreign tourists who visit it too.

A Beautiful Muslimah Singer from Garut West Java Indonesia

She is Gitalis Dwi Natarina. Her nickname is Gita. She was born in Garut. If you like beach, then you can visit Garut too. There are some beaches, Pameungpeuk and Rancabuaya beach.

Although she is a Dangdut singer, but she wear veil. Whereas Dangdut is identical to girls or women with sexiest dress now: mini skirt and blouse with opened chest.

I heard she was also ever interested in political field become a legislative member candidate. As we know that until now, there are Indonesian actresses and actors who want to be a legislative member.

Hopefully, she will consistently to wear Muslimah dress as well as the king of Dangdut Rhoma Irama who often makes and sings religious songs.

Welcome to Garut, West Java, Indonesia!

Sambal (Condiment) with Hot and Delicious Taste

It’s tomato sambal, made from main components: tomato and chili. Its taste is usually not so hot.

It’s sambal terasi (sauce made with shrimp), made from main components: terasi and chili. Its taste is usually not so hot.

It’s sambal goang, made from main components: chili only. Its taste is usually so hot.

All kinds of sambal (sauce or condiment) usually use sugar, salt, and flavor (sasa/pecin).

If you want to know chili before becoming sambal, the picture is below:

We also can eat chili directly (not in sambal form) and uncooked too. It’s sure hottest.

When we eat sambal?
We will eat sambal more delicious with bala-bala, mie, meatball, eggplant, or other vegetables.


Indonesian People Do Like This Fruit, But Not So Foreign People


It is durian. Many Indonesian people do like the fruit. But it’s strange because I hear foreign people dislike it. Probably our tongue is different.

It is favorite fruit of my mother too. While for me, it’s as usual fruit. I prefer rambutan (Nephelium tree bearing fruit similar to lychee). But I don’t hate durian.

I still don’t know are foreign dislike durian because of strange, or they don’t like its taste. Two of the reason is possible, alright?

It’s better you try to eat durian. Next, you will get the answer, like or dislike.

Tasty Vegetable from Indonesia Eggplant


It’s an eggplant (Indonesian: terung). It can be eaten minimally by two ways: uncooked and cooked.

If we want to eat uncooked eggplant with cooked rice, it’s better we eat it together with condiment us.

Eating cooked eggplant?
It has two forms of dish styles: with water and fried. I prefer fried one because I seldom eat dish with water. It’s a choice. Even some people like eat it together with salted fish. They say: it’s more delicious and proper.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Indonesian President 2014 from West Java


He is Ahmad Heryawan, a governor of West Java Indonesia. He leads West Java for the second times now.

There are two popular figures from West Java today, Ahmad Heryawan and Rudi Kamil (elected mayor of Bandung Kota). But they have different views about candidate of president.

Ridwan Kamil doesn’t prepare to be a president 2014 because he wants to manage Bandung first with motto “Bandung Juara” (Bandung as the winner).

While Ahmad Heryawan gets ready to be president 2014 if PKS (his party) supports him.

Will Heryawan toward president 2014 successfully?
Will a Sundanese leader reach the top position of Indonesia 2014?

Let’s wait the democracy party, Election 2014 not long time again!

The Most Beautiful Queen of FTV Actresses from Bandung Indonesia Ida Ayu Kadek Devi


She is Ida Ayu Kadek Devi, a most popular and most beautiful actress in Indonesian television short films. She often plays leading role in many films, especially for adolescent films.

She is from Bali, but was born in Bandung. So, let me say that Bandung has not only genius and creative people, but including most beautiful girls too, alright?

I see she doesn’t wears sexiest dress, even sometimes wearing shirt and jeans similar to a man’s blouse. It is suitable with east culture, especially Indonesia. But unchanged, she looks most beautiful too. The very interesting, she can act properly almost in all films whatever I watch. I think it will be better if concept of film for her made better again.

Let’s look at her T-shirt:

Her smile and eyes are very beautiful and sweet, alright? Close your eyes, and get ready to read other articles in this blog because the pictures are only in a blog, except if you visit her directly. He…he…

Photography Park from Bandung Indonesia


It’s Photography Park from Bandung Indonesia. Everyone can visit this place to create beautiful photos. As we know, today many people like photography not only for job, but for uploading into internet too, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.

Bandung has excellent places with uniqueness and beauty that are different from other cities. Moreover, today the mayor has big attention to organize it more orderly, more useful and more beautiful.

Actually, Bandung has some parks that can make us fall in love, such as Taman Pustaka Bunga (flower library garden) as the picture below:


One more example, Taman Balai Kota (City Hall Park):

And there are some beautiful and interesting parks again, only in Bandung.