Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blog Budi Rahardjo is on Pikiran Rayat Newspaper

Blog Budi Rahardjo is on Pikiran Rayat Newspaper

This afternoon, I open top five blog according to website IndonesiaMatters dot com. Then I read newest posting of Mr. Budi Rahardjo at Rahard dot Wordpress dot com.

I read that his blog is categorized as a consistently update blog according to newspaper Pikiran Rakyat (PR). PR is one of newspaper in West Java, Indonesia.

After that, I also open an English blog (Sorry, I forgot its name and owner). She looks still teen-aged. And her bog is in PR too. Amazing…!

I see different from them, blog Rahard has text more, while blog of the girl has image more.

After reading them, I get inspiration that blogging is not very seriously. And blogging must not post long articles only, but we can post short message is like in Facebook.

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