Friday, February 15, 2013

Scholarship to Japan

Scholarship to Japan

Here I want tell story my ideal before failure of my study recently. I have big spirit to study until top level of education, post doctoral.

A country is very interesting for me is Japan. I often read and hear the country has the best human resource. It has big attention for education. The nation has high creativity till can create branch mark Honda, Suzuki, and so on.

Moreover, when I have a lecture as an alumnus from there with e-Government research, my spirit increases highly.

But my God has other planning. Now, I am failed in my study. I still can not finish my study yet. My spirit is lost. My ability leaves me. Does God take my diligent nature? I don’t exactly.

Because of the failure, I try to forget my ideal to study in the Kanji country. Perhaps, other students more have the right to reach it.

Study in Japan is only my old world. Now, I am learning in my blog here. Pray me, oh my friends! Please pray me to face this fact patiently!

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