Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thesis or Work?

Thesis or Work?

Two days ago, I received a message from my supervisor in campus through my friend that I must send my thesis draft via e-mail. This step will help me, so that payment for my study can be pended.

My supervisor suggests me to finish my thesis this month, because I had one result of my research. She can understand my ability and limitation.

Yesterday, I struggled to revise my thesis draft by target: this week I must send it via her e-mail. But unfortunately, this morning I must go to campus, a place where I teach. I must be present in a meeting agenda. Early, I want to cancel from the meeting, but I am shy because I could not been present in several meetings ago by reason: “I am still finishing thesis”.

Although I want to focus on thesis, but I also must respect my friend who still opens opportunity for me to teach there. He is very kind. So, I will be present in the agenda to respect him.

Life is choice. I must make a decision soon!

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