Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Is Television Program Still Interesting?

Sometimes I read articles there are some people who dislike Indonesia television programs. They said that the programs don’t serve good and educative programs.

Even a popular blogger said “He seldom watches national television program, including news program. He prefers accessing news from Twitter.”

But recently, I see there are new television stations, either local or national stations, among others: Bandung TV, IChannel, Kompas TV, Net, CTChannel, and so on.

Will TV stations grow rapidly as well as radio stations? We will see it later.

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  1. I still watch tv. Metro and TvOne, some cartoons at Global, and Sunday anime and tokusatsu on Indosiar. But I don't like music program like Dahsyat and infotainment. They're lebay, you know.

    1. Ha..ha..Lebay problem...! Hopefully, Metro and Tvone can avoid 'lebayism', and persistently focus on good news, and neutral from Nasdem and Golkar Influence.


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